Friday, May 24, 2013

The Reason

The second I put that title on this post, the song started playing through my head. Bleh. Not a fan. Anyways, the reason I am making this blog is to keep track of the things I make for fun so that I have them all in one place online, should my computer ever quit on me (or I kill it). This way, friends can have access to anything they want to use as well. Feel free to download anything I put up here for public use and also feel free to make any alterations you can. I have no idea how to save them as a pdf, only as jpgs. I guess you can import it into Photoshop (where I make everything) and make any adjustments that way. But, if anyone has an experience with making a pdf, please enlighten me in the comments! Oh, I am also working on getting my stuff together to open my own Etsy shop The Fickle Giraffe.  Keep your eye out for word. It will be filled with state string art like these ones:

 And some wall art like this:
 Church "stuff" like these:

Some cards/invites/announcements like these:

And I'm working on finishing some adorable girls dresses in a smattering of sizes. So, keep tabs on me and I'll let you know when it is up and running!

Oh, and as promised, here are the links for the couple of things I put on 4shared this week. Download at will! Just a quick word about the Summer Fun stuff. It is all my own and what me and my kids are doing. There may be things on there that you don't want to use or you think is weird. Deal with it! You can change it, leave it out, or make fun of me. Whatever you choose. And the binder name is left blank for you to either write it in or figure out how to Photoshop it in. Good luck! Leave a comment with any questions. Summer Fun Folder and Summer Chore Charts
 And for those of you wondering, my kids will be filling out book reports this summer that I found here:


  1. Totally excited for you...and for me as I download all of your cute stuff!

  2. Thanks Alyson! I will forever be a fan of your talent! :)

  3. LOVE this thanks!! a couple more questions- can you come implement this in my home?! ok i guess not- so how about tell me how it works- when and for what do your kids get to pick rewards for. and how many things do you let them pick each sunday? like how often do they do book reports, field trips etc? you are super mom!!!

  4. LOVe all this!!! can you come implement this in my home?! ok i guess not so how about a couple questions? how many things do you let them pick each sunday? one thing from each category or what? and when and what do they get rewards for? how often do they do book reports? so fun and excited about this!