Friday, May 31, 2013

I'll be using these a lot

Last weekend, my 6 year old daughter had an emergency appendectomy.  My husband is a resident, which is not fun in and of itself. Add in the trauma ICU rotation he is on in May and it has been a nightmare! So, of course, come Sunday morning when Jayci woke up in so much pain that she couldn't even sit up, Nate was already at work. I scrambled to find sitters for the three other kids so I could take Jayci to the ER for the 2nd time since midnight. (Long story. They sent her home the first time. Pretty sure they thought she was just being dramatic. Doctors...:) Finding friends on such short notice and before 8 in the morning is not fun. Especially when your normal church time has been moved up 5 hours so that people could go down to Moore to help with the tornadoes. Everyone was already scrambling around trying to make arrangements for their own families! I felt awful throwing more kids into the mix for my friends. It was especially hard because my 18 month old PANICS when I leave her anywhere, so I rarely do. On Sunday, I had two AMAZING dads take my kids while their wives went to help with tornado clean up. Poor Jared ended up having to change a blown out diaper and her clothes, along with juggling his own 5 kids. Both of those men deserve a HUGE Friend of the year award!  Since I had to be back at the hospital by 7 on Monday morning so Jayci wasn't alone for too long after Nate left her for work at 5:30, I again had to drop my 3 kids with friends...on Memorial Day...with no idea when I would be back. I sincerely hate doing that to people, but I appreciate them and am so thankful for good friends who were willing to help me out! So, to show just a little bit of my gratitude, I wanted to give them a big old Symphony Bar and a quick note.  I came up with these Thank You tags that I could print off, write my own note, and attach to the bars. (If you are one of those people, please act surprised when you get yours!)
Nothing fancy, but cuter than plain white paper. Download them HERE and, if ever you need to scramble to find sitters for an indefinite period of time at 6:30 am, please feel free to show your gratitude! Seeing as my oldest son has a tonsillectomy scheduled for this coming Friday, I am sure to be printing off more of these suckers.

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