Saturday, June 8, 2013

Medical Mess

I hate when I go into the doctor, for either myself or on behalf of my kids, and am requested to fill out medical history forms including the dates of procedures in the past and current prescription and over the counter medications. Yes, I realize that is lame. My kids really aren't THAT old or have had THAT many procedures. But when I can't even remember what I had for dinner two nights ago, recalling the month of past surgeries or hospitalizations is like asking me to recite the periodic table of elements. Not gonna happen.
My lack of medical history organization has been particularly on my mind recently. Not only did my daughter have her appendectomy, but my oldest boy had a tonsillectomy yesterday, along with his 2nd adenoidectomy. Yes, they grow back. How crazy is that?!  All of that combined with the different allergy appointments for the four kids, different plans of action for each, regular check ups, and other little issues that arise here and there, I needed somewhere central and organized specifically to my needs. I saw a cute set of printables for sale online and decided to make my own, in my own style, specific to my own needs. I will be putting all of these printables in a Family Medical Binder, along with copies of insurance information, medical bills, course of action letters, and anything else that we collect along the way. Each family member will have their own section where I can keep track of their specifics. I am sure that more needs will arise or things will come up that I completely forgot that I wanted to track, so I'll be adding along the way. If you are like me and are needing a new system that works for you, give it a try and let me know if it does/doesn't work. Not sure if this is something everyone can use or just me in my disorganized life!

The Binder Cover. Always gotta have one of those. Click HERE
 There will be a few things at the beginning of the binder, before I section it off for individuals. This will be at the very front, since I need all of the help with reminders I can get. Click HERE
I will also keep this at the front, just for a quick reference guide. Click HERE. And yes, I will have to print a couple of copies to cover everyone here.

 Each person will get a copy of these in their sections where I can keep track of individual records. Click HERE
 Click HERE

 Click HERE

 And finally, click HERE
If you have any questions or any ideas of things to add, please let me know!

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