Friday, August 16, 2013

Goodbye, Summmer. Hello, Chaos

I just returned from a six week trip to visit family and friends for the summer.  After only one day of being home and still not being fully unpacked, I resumed the old habit of making more work for myself. I went straight into project mode and decided to switch the girls room with the toy room.  Since the toy room is getting a mini makeover (can you call it that when you never decorated to begin with?), I wanted to make a few printables with some "inspirational" (read: a mom can hope, right?!) quotes to put up.  Since we are painting a neutral color, I wanted something that added bits of color on the walls.  I'll be finishing up the rest soon, but here is a preview of the first one:
After I finish the rest and load them on here, I will make them available to download for anyone who feels the need to change up their frames. 

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