Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Room Mom

With school starting, the blog has been a little on the back burner.  Not that I still haven't been making things and working on stuff, I just haven't gotten around to putting anything up.  Well, as if I don't make myself busy enough, I have now volunteered to be my guy's 3rd Grade room mom. I was his room mom in kindergarten and loved it. I love getting to go to the class and meeting his friends. I love thinking up fun games and crafts. I love making treats and just generally getting to see him in his element, away from home.  I have received questionnaires in the past about the teacher's favorites for parents to refernce during the year for little gifts or special occasions.  Last night I sat down to make one for Trey's teacher and thought I would make a more general one that any other room mom could download, send in for the teacher to fill out, copy, and send one home with each child.  I thought it turned out pretty cute and a little less boring than usual.  I know it has the same exact info and no one actually cares but me probably, but being a very visual person, I know I will make a point to keep it handy and look at this reference sheet more often.  Click on the link below to download.
A few of my teacher's favorite things printable

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